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Our Goal

After years of being in the industry we saw what worked and didn't work. Our vision is to bring to our clients a relaxing, calm and clean environment. Trying to break away from the typical chain-like nail salons; we wanted to create something different, something beautiful, in some place cozy. We hope our salon can be an oasis for you, even if it's just for an hour or two.

Procedures & Policies

We follow strict state board regulations. All of our non-porous tools go through a rigorous and proper sanitation process. Anything that is porous will be used only once and then disposed. All surfaces that could have been contaminated will be throughly disinfected after each client.


Sometimes mistakes happen, products fail, or just bad luck. For whatever reason, if your nails do not hold up within 7 days; please come back and we will fix it free of charge. (This excludes lacquer polishes.) 

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